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Rock N Wool Winery

David and Peggy Lapacek moved to 40 acres of rocky soil just north of Poynette, WI in 1988.  They raised sheep in a 100 year old barn.  Rock N Wool Acres came to life that year.  Since that time, the sheep pasture has given rise to vines.  The lower part of the old barn has become a production area and the main level a wine store where hay and tractors once called home.
Rock N Wool Winery has now come to life.

David and Peggy have been joined by their family, Shaun & Maria Lapacek and Lee & Kimberly Wallander in creating a family vineyard and a family winery.  We have worked from the ground up by planting our vines and producing our wines with the goal of "hands on" quality.

We believe in neighbors, community, and Wisconsin, and we believe our wines celebrate what is best in all of us.
Come by and take a look at what hard work has accomplished and taste the pride we have put into the making of our wines.